ultimately, there are only two types of people in the world, those who will buy the book right now and those who will regret they didn’t buy it sooner.
you’re about to become one of the very lucky few to own a numbered copy of an exclusive limited edition of a piece of literary and artistic accomplishment. a piece of history in progress. but not only will you receive a very uniquely crafted gift, you will also generously contribute to a great cause.
proceeds from the distribution of this book will be donated to youth programs at the ndg ymca in montreal, a place that offers youth from all social backgrounds a second home and a place to come together where they can develop in mind, body and spirit. these programs divert teens from delinquent activities to sports and socially constructive hobbies and activities, increase their academic performance, boost confidence and self-esteem, provide emotional support, and generally help them to become more conscientious and established members of society.
madpi is only a beginner philanthropist, however he volunteered, donated, provided pro bono services and otherwise supported his community through various means his whole life. don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to support his modest virtue, read up some fun stories and outright blatant wisdom, and most importantly, to support youth in a constructive way!
but who is madpi, really?
madpi is a fictional character. he is a licensed private investigator educated in criminology and psychology, and with unique knowledge and skills that make him an exceptional professional among his peers.
his madness is infinite. his madness is quantum. his madness is ren. he is a philosopher. an intellectual. a pious hedonist. an athlete. an artist. a warrior. a rebellious aristocrat on the loose with a spirit of noblesse oblige. he is disturbingly positive. and is always right, even when he is wrong. he is all about the truth. but when he is not, he is all about the lies. folly spoken. stubborn. fractal. he works in an imperfect world, with imperfect matters and people, striving to make it perfect after his interference.
he loves reading and learning, sailing, riding triumph motorcycle, practicing piano and martial arts. he is a connoisseur of great spirits, decadent foods, eccentric personalities and meaningful experiences. he has a particular sense of humour, irrevocably infected with curiosity, affection for nature, and is especially in love with the ocean.
and so he sails off...


"I found it to be thought provoking, adventurous and full of growth! There are so many external and internal findings/conflicts that happen. Some things are resolved and some aren’t which is ok it’s part of living... I enjoyed the 3rd dimension the most, I’ve got a feeling most women will agree lol... madpi let some vulnerability out there and that takes balls!" - JM

"Innapropriate language, distinct style, and in some places definitely random and even offensive. But all in all, this is an entertaining piece of literature filled with sarcasm, irony, and reserved for smart asses, intellectuals, and not for the faint of heart. It's about change, about confronting your own fears and weaknesses. It's about looking at yourself in a mirror and getting rid of the ego and of the sense of entitlement. It's about 'we' and not about 'I'. It's about love and growth. I loved it and learned so much from madpi, and so will you!" - AK